Advanced Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital AI Pros provides holistic online marketing support across various channels. We use multiple attribution models, algorithms & AI solutions to minimize advertising costs and drive incremental revenue for our clients.

Digital Marketing Services

Setup, maintenance, optimization and consulting in Paid Search, Organic Search, Email Marketing (Lifecycle), Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Retargeting, Data Analytics, Digital Strategy, Media Buying and Social Media Management.

Omnichannel Perspective

Optimization of marketing channels through an integrated omnichannel perspective and attribution modelling.  A/B testing different mix of ads looking at short-term and long-term impacts on target metrics.

Digital Advertising Algorithm & A.I.

Utilization and adoption of existing A.I. solutions tailored to your needs. Development of advanced algorithms with an omnichannel perspective that considers customer lifetime value of the customers.

Maximize Profits

Maximize incremental revenue for each dollar spent, taking into consideration long-term outlook and building holistic attribution models - testing various channels against each other to achieve synergy.

Our Clients and Partners