Affiliate and Influencer Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is performance based marketing where an advertiser rewards a client for referring traffic to them mostly for completed actions (i.e. paying commissions for bringing a sale). There are usually four players:

  1. Merchant/advertiser
  2. Affiliate Network that can provides infrastructure and technical tools to connect the Merchant and Publishers/Affiliates
  3. Publishers/Affiliates who would advertise the products and/or services of the Merchants.
  4. Customers


There are other sub-players in the market including sub-networks, super affiliates and influencers.


Affiliate Marketing


Influencer Marketing

Influencer relies more on people with a large following on social media or high traffic on their blogs. It’s becoming more important as customers become ad fatigue and prefer to listen and follow people that are interesting to them. These influential people can recommend products and services to their followers.


Digital AI Pros offers the following affiliate and influencer services:


  1. Affiliate Networks: Setup and maintain affiliate networks including CJ, LinkShare and Impact Radius.
  2. Timely Promotions: Promote all of your products and promotions via affiliate newsletters as well as work with publishers directly to make sure that they push the your products. Digital AI Pros work evenings and weekends to make sure that everything is up to date.
  3. Asset Management: We can help with product feed uploads, text link creation and images uploads. We know the feed market very well and can help, setup and manage any feed vendor to ensure that all of the products are displayed.
  4. Approve Publishers: Digital AI Pros will approve and disapprove publishers to the program. We will ensure that they get all the necessary assets to promote your services and products effectively.
  5. Advanced Optimization: Our affiliate specialists will optimize the program using advanced metrics like incremental revenue per each additional dollar. We look at correlation between commission rates, ad spend and revenue that publishers drive.
  6. Omni-channel Affiliate Optimization: More importantly, we look at usefulness of each of the revenue from each publishers. We make sure that there is no cannibalization of sales by one publisher against anoother, less expensive channels. For example, we look at percentage of new visitors from some publishers. We also A/B test publisher commissions and promotions against other channels.
  7. Influencer Marketing: Digital AI Pros work with the best and biggest influencer networks. We also attend affiliate and influencer conferences where we meet them in person. Digital AI Pros can help you to reach out and collaborate with influencers across various industries.


Some of the Tools we Use For Affiliate and Influencer Marketing


Trackonomics     Commission Junction by Conversant     Impact Radius     LinkShare Rakuten Marketing      Google Analytics