Digital Strategy

Digital AI Pros can help with establishing an overall digital strategy for clients.


Are you launching an Ecommerce website and want to know how to advertise it?

Are you considering opening a website to advertise your services but not sure how much you should invest in it?

You want to start advertising your website and services/products online but not sure what budget to put in and where?

You are not sure what marketing channels to use – affiliate, SEM, SEO, Email.


We can help with all of these questions and more.


Digital Strategy


We can provide the following digital strategy services:

  1. Budgets Strategy: We can look at your customer and sales information to see what your margins are. We can then estimate based industry benchmarks, competitors information and multiple data points what type of digital advertising you should do and what budgets you should allocate.
  2. Customer Lifetime Value: We can also look at your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information and estimate Customer Lifetime Value as well as make predictive forecasts.
  3. Omnichannel Setup: Digital AI Pros can setup any marketing channel as well as build a strategy that considers all marketing channels to achieve the best results for the business
  4. Training: Our digital gurus can also help with training and hiring the right stuff for any business that’s launching digital marketing.
  5. Technology Setup: We can recommend the right mix of technology needed to achieve your goals. We can find alternative, effective and less expensive partners and tools for any client. Thus, we can help to reduce your User Experience/Technology budget and increase results.