Media Buying

Sometimes, if you want exposure on other websites, you will need to directly purchase media from them. It can be articles on news websites, banners, video ads, podcasts and even TV ads. Digital AI Pros can purchase media on any website, magazine or network. We provide the following Media Buying Services:

  1. Media Kit: Reach out to relevant websites and get media kits from them
  2. Analyze: Analyze media kits and websites traffic & target demographic. Compare it with competitors and other media kits on the market.
  3. Negotiate: Negotiate the best rates for the clients based on analysis. Recommend a mix of media to achieve a more thorough omnichannel impact.
  4. Reports & Recommendations: Setup reporting tools and dashboard on media buys. Analyze its effectiveness and provide recommendations on next steps.
  5. Omnichannel Media Buying: Consider impact of media buys on other channels. For example, if we are buying new relevant traffic, we can setup special retargeting lists to capture them. We can then retarget them with custom banners made just for them.