Omnichannel Setup

Digital AI Pros is a rare consulting agency because it can help with omnichannel support and optimizations. Our ultimate goal is simple – we want to make sure that the money our clients spend on particular ads are worth it in the overall marketing effort in the long-term. We want to make sure that you do not waste your money. For example, we evaluate true value of bidding on trademark terms considering that you also get organic, affiliate and referral tracking. In another example, we look at the true value of coupon affiliates to the advertiser – if you can get this traffic otherwise through other channels without sacrificing your margins.  


Most agencies and consulting firms specialize in a particular type of channels: Affiliate specific, Social Media Specific, Email specific and Paid Media (SEM, SEO and Retargeting) specific. They look at each channels in isolation, having a limited view of the performance of the ads overall. These agencies and consulting firms also have a bias to inflate performance of the channels that they manage to demonstrate “effective ROAS.” In addition, these agencies usually charge % of ad spend, being incentivized to spend as much as possible. Alternatively, some of these agencies charge a % of revenue to the customer (usually affiliate), but they look at this revenue in isolation to that specific channel. This results in the agencies pushing as much advertising as possible to get revenue – revenue that you might get otherwise from other less expensive channels. Advertising networks like Google and Facebook further exacerbate the situation because they have an incentivized bias to inflate performance of their ads. This results in advertisers wasting up to 70% of their budget on ads that are simply not needed.


Digital AI Pros sets itself apart from competition by looking at the whole picture. We do not charge % of digital expense or % of revenue isolated to each channel. We charge either by hour or per project but, ultimately, we have one goal – to optimize all of your channels so that you get the biggest bang for your buck. We want to provide the best value to our customers, becoming essential to any business. That means that we can recommend cutting your budget or eliminating channels, even at our expense of providing less support in the long-term.


Omnichannel Digital Marketing


Digital AI Pros provides the following Omnichannel Services:

  1. Attribution Modeling: We can figure out the best attribution model for our clients including,
    1. Last Click Attribution Model
    2. First Click Attribution Model
    3. Time Decay Attribution Model
    4. Position Based Attribution Model
    5. Weight Based Attribution Model
    6. Linear Attribution Model, etc.
  2. Customer Lifetime Value Calculation: Digital AI Pros can calculate true ROAS on your ads that takes into consideration long-term aspect of the business. For example, if you are a startup that’s growing at a very high pace and there is evidence that any new customer today will be worth ten times next year, then we should spend a lot more money on acquiring that customer to achieve that long-term growth objective.
  3. A/B Testing Mix of Channels: We will continually optimize your channels and ads comparing them with each other. We will be monitoring performance of all channels to see if some new ads reduce sales of other, less expensive, channels and then adjust accordingly. Digital AI Pros will also ensure that the channels work in cohesiveness. For example, we can run acquisition efforts bringing new qualified leads to the site and then retarget them or have them signup on newsletters.