Retargeting is a marketing technique where customers who have been to the website are targeted by different ads to incentivize them to come back. It’s usually done through display (image) ads but can also be done via video, search and text ads.


Targeting can also be used for acquisition purposes by targeting people who are similar to your audiences. It allows targeting your competitors’ customers or targeting custom audiences that you want to reach specifically.


Retargeting and specific targeting is usually done through Display ads via various networks, the biggest being Google Display Network (GDN). Advertisers usually bid by Cost Per Mile (CPM). A Mile equals one thousand impressions. Usually an advertiser bid on an impression and it would take a couple of hours for it to come through in the Display Network.


In the last few years, Programmatic Retargeting and Programmatic Real-Time Bidding (RTB) has taken off. Programmatic Retargeting – also known as go-to strategy – uses multiple display networks at the same time allowing reaching a wider audience than standard retargeting. By using multiple networks, programmatic retargeting allows using Programmatic Marketing Platform (PMP), where advertisers can use highly targeted marketing campaigns, using algorithms that incorporate budgets, goals and targeting parameters. Real-time bidding (RTB) allows for allows for retargeting inventory being bought and sold in real-time in an auction setting, allowing for lower costs and faster turnaround.


Digital AI Pros provides the following retargeting services:

  1. Pixel setup: Digital AI Pros can setup retargeting pixels for Facebook, GDN, AdWords, DoubleClick, Criteo and any other retargeting platforms
  2. Retargeting and Targeting Audiences: We can setup retargeting and targeting audiences through various networks as well as Google Analytics, using your website metrics
  3. Programmatic Real-Time Bidding: Our digital gurus can setup and run various RTB Programmatic tools like Criteo and DoubleClick Display
  4. Specific Targeting: Digital AI Pros can setup tailored targeting including Similar Audiences (i.e. audiences similar to your competitors); Custom Audiences (specific audiences that you want to retarget out of your visitors); LookAlike Audiences (audiences that are similar to your visitors but who never visited the site); etc.


Some of the Tools we Use for Retargeting


     Facebook Retargeting     DoubleClick Retargeting     AdWords     YouTube