Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of online marketing where websites are promoted primarily via paid ads. SEM differs from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) where the ads are usually “organic” and are not paid for. SEM is considered one of the several marketing channels and is a form of Paid Customer Acquisition or Paid Marketing. It is part of the top layer of the marketing funnel because it drives new customers to the website. SEM is also sometimes called Pay Per Click (PPC) because advertisers pay for each click that they receive, although some SEM ads could be paid for impressions or actions. It is a form of what is known as Paid Customer Acquisition or Paid Marketing.


Digital AI Pros provides a variety of services and consulting for SEM. We can setup, optimize and run paid search ads in all major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. We have the experience and expertise to not only setup the ads and make them visible in search engines but also optimize them to give clients the biggest returns.


Marketing Funnel SEM


We provide the following SEM services:

  1. Copy Optimization: Create a variety of effective copy per ad groups allowing for A/B testing
  2. Keywords: Research the most relevant and most visible keywords through tools like SEM Rush. We look at the volume of the keywords, their cost and competition for those keywords. We then decide which type of match we want for the keyword: broad, phrase, broad match and/or exact match.
  3. Negative Keywords and Phrases: Make sure that you do not waste money bidding and paying for keywords and keyword phrases that are not relevant to your business. Digital AI Pros can research the volume and the history of the irrelevant keywords and mark them as negative.
  4. Bids and Budgets: We constantly optimize budgets and bids of our accounts. Based on performance and goals, we decide whether to do it by keywords, ad groups or campaign. We identify and setup goal completions such as sales, registration, contact form, etc. We then optimize based on Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of that goal completions. We can also optimize bids based on the customer segment and audience (i.e. abandoned cart, purchasers, never visited the site, etc.)
  5. Incremental ROI and Revenue: Not only do we look at the overall ROAS, but we also look at incremental spend and revenue. This means that for every single extra dollar spent, we check what extra revenue we got. We look at predictive behaviour such as bid landscapes and forecasting tools to see what cost savings or extra revenue a client will get by reducing or increasing a particular bid or budget.
  6. CRM and Profitability: Digital AI Pros goes a step further when it comes to ensuring that the clients spend their money on ads wisely. We look at profits that the clients generate from CRM data that they provide. We make sure that the clients’ ads provide returns not only in terms of revenue but also in terms of profits and margins. Our specialists also make estimates on goal completions, revenue and profits. For example, if a client wants people to register on their site to receive a service (i.e. pay for a haircut; pay for a trip abroad to get less expensive dental treatment, etc.), we help to estimate what margins they get per signups. We then make sure to invest more or less in certain keywords or ad groups, which ultimately results in higher returns for clients.
  7. Target All Types of Customers Audience:  We can setup all sorts of audiences and bid on them in the most profitable way. For example, we can setup existing customers, new potential clients, clients from your competitors, potential clients similar to your competitors, visitors to your website, visitors to a particular product of a page, people who abandoned cart, people who’ve never purchased before or purchased a certain time ago, etc. We can setup the audiences through AdWords, Google Analytics, clients’ CRM tools or software like SalesForce.
  8. Extensions: Digital AI Pros can also make sure that your ads feature all sorts of useful and relevant extensions that help to drive more customers to your site. These include sitelink extensions, promotions extensions, call extensions if you want them to reach you, location extensions if you have stores, and many others.
  9. SEM/SEO a/b tests: Not only do we optimize your SEM campaigns, we also make sure that they work well and together with your organic search results. We make sure that you do not over spend on trademark terms for example and that you do not cannibalize your SEO sales. We do that through constant A/B tests by pausing ads or reducing bids in certain regions and seeing if there was an impact on SEO results. Of course it helps if your SEO is optimized so we also offer SEO services.
  10. Mobile, Desktop and App Optimizations: We also help to optimize ads based on device. We look at revenue and margins by device per goal completions. We then optimize based on that information by using bid modifiers or separate campaigns or audience segmentation. With mobile becoming an increasingly popular means of advertising, we also estimate and adjust for that potential growth in our bids and budgeting.
  11. AI Search Marketing: Use the latest advanced A.I. tools to help optimize your ads. Digital AI Pros uses DoubleClick Search, AdWords optimizations and other tools to help bring the biggest bang for the buck for each ad. We also know and can partner up with any AI companies to help achieve the best optimizations: Data Performers, Acquisio and many others.
  12. Algorithm Development: Digital AI Pros can also develop specific algorithms that help to optimize bids for our clients. We can optimize and tailor those algorithms each specific business need. The algorithms will then automatically optimize and improve performance of each of the ads across different devices.


Some  of the Tools We Use For SEM


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