SEO is the process of affecting a website’s organic visibility on search engines’ free ads. This organic visibility is sometimes referred to as natural and earned.


At Digital AI Pros, we have the expertise and experience to significantly raise organic visibility of our clients across various search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. We keep up with the latest SEO releases so that our clients do not have to.


Marketing Funnel SEO


We provide the following SEM services:

  1. Keywords Analysis:  We analyze what search queries would bring the highest and most relevant visitors to the websites using tools like SEMRush, Google Analytics, Ahrefs and others. We then work with the clients to get as much exposure for those keywords as possible.
  2. Optimizing Website: We provide recommendations on how to improve speed, performance and user experience of the website. We look at the HTML code and performance of pages. We diagnose problems and recommend solutions for JAVA script and server load time. We also help websites to switch to secure protocols (HTTPS vs HTTP).
  3. Content Optimization: Relevant and useful content is key to SEO. We help to analyze, edit and create keyword-rich content. We have access to multiple good content creation specialists and companies that can create excellent content about your site that would generate organic visibility. We can also consult on video and photo content that would help in natural visibility.
  4. SEO Tags and Description: We can also help to audit all of your alt tags, headers and descriptions for best SEO performance. Digital AI Pros can also update and write up the most relevant tags and descriptions.
  5. Backlinks: It is important to get high authority and relevant websites to write about and link to your website if you want to achieve good organic visibility. Digital AI Pros can help to generate these inbound links or backlinks by reaching out to relevant websites for collaborations. We have a good network of clients and publishers so we could generate some mutually beneficial collaborations that would drive natural organic links.
  6. Page Indexing and Structure: We look at the XML sitemap of the website. We audit its health and URLs. We then help to index them or remove them from indexing to allow for proper visibility of the pages.


Some of the Tools we Use For SEO


Google Search Console     Firebase     SEM Rush     HotJar     Screaming Frog     Ahrefs     Optimizely     Crazy Egg