Social Media Management

Digital AI Pros can setup and manage your Social Media advertising and pages. We have the experience and the expertise to optimize all of your social media efforts to achieve the biggest bang for your buck. We provide the following social media management services:

  1. Social Media Page Setup: Digital AI Pros can help setup pages on any social media, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, VK, Weibo, Baidu and many others.
  2. Social Media Content: We can help with creating and optimizing the right social media content that would take into account your other marketing channels and be search engine optimized.
  3. Social Media Advertising: Our digital gurus can help you to advertise your products and services on any social media. We can help to setup, optimize and maintain various types of ads on social media including:
    1. Display Retargeting Social ads
    2. Dynamic product feed social ads
    3. Banner social ads
    4. Similar and Lookalike audience ads
    5. Video ads
    6. Signup and contest ads
  4. Social Media Technical Setup: Digital AI Pros can help with setting up all the right technical tools to optimize your ads including:
    1. Facebook/Instagram Pixel for optimization and retargeting purposes
    2. Facebook Ads Business Manager and Facebook Ads Editor
    3. Facebook Product Feeds
  5. Get More Social Media Followers: We can also help with getting more followers online through legitimate and useful acquisition strategies that include similar audiences, lookalike audience and other forms of targeting as well as strong content to attract viewers. We can also help fledging social media stars to grow their followers base and become influencers.
  6. Social Media Followers: Get social influencer to write and share about your business! Digital AI Pros can reach out to influencers and influencer networks for you, negotiate the best rates and attain the highest exposure for your business.


Some Tools and Channels


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